The Placement Office lays a great deal of emphasis on giving companies, schools and students the choice of mutual selection. Acts as responsible for identifying the right student-organization fit, the Placement Office selects, targets and invites organizations to the campus for summer and final placements. The entire placement activity is co-ordinated by this Placement Office, which is the main interface between, IT world and SIMS.

Placements Process

SIMS offers some of the finest placement opportunities to its students through highly connected board of directors, adjunct faculty members and alumni. Interaction with large corporate houses , MNC's and Educational Institutes is a regular feature at SIMS. Placement is just one of the meeting points between SIMS and the Industry, educational Institutes. It is our endeavor to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the students and outside world. SIMS provides a platform for placement where companies and Schools are invited to recruit students of various specializations and work experience. Potential employers are able to undertake on-campus recruitment through a stream-lined process of registration, PPTs and selection. Understanding the significance of using the right aptitude and knowledge skill-sets for the right task, the Placement Team at SIMS seeks to provide the IT industry and students the best opportunities for mutually beneficial selection..

The Student Council

Empowerment of the students at SIMS makes them stand apart as responsible future leaders. For instilling this sense of responsibility and power, different student committees are formed. These committees organize a series of important, student-initiated events which gives them an opportunity to plan, work in teams, control budgets, organize time, and make decisions and also Interact with Corporate.

  • SIMS Career Division (SCD) SCD coordinates and manages the placement activities at SIMS. It aims at identifying placement needs of education and IT industry matching them with the credentials of the students, through a series of planned processes, communications and activities.
  • Corporate Interaction Division (CID) CID strengthens and manages SIMS’s interface with the educational and corporate world by organizing seminars, conclaves, conferences and workshops.
  • SIMS Alumni Network (SAN) SAN forms the contact point between the institute and the valuable alumni. It strengthens the bond of the SIMS fraternity through various activities and annual meets with current students